Restored Calamopleurus Fossil Fish (67.5 cm) - Cretaceous Period, Brazil - Reserved for Tony

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Reserved for Tony.

Giant fossil fish from the Santana Formation (Brazil), Calamopleurus sp. (a type of Bowfin fish). Cretaceous Period (Circa 100 million years old)

The matrix measures 67.5 cm, the fish is 65 cm.

This is a very rare & large predatory fossil fish, this particular species hardly ever comes up for sale. These fish are found in nodules that are split open to reveal the fossil inside, due to this extraction process they are never completely undamaged, therefore, this fish does have restoration (as can be seen in the photos, esp. picture 12). N.b. a specimen of this size with minimal restoration would be in the region of £2,000.00 - £3,000.00) 

This fossil shows all fins to some extent (Caudal, Dorsal, Pectoral, Pelvic & Anal), the head is particularly well preserved in 3 dimensions - protruding roughly 2.5 cm from the surrounding matrix. In addition, teeth can be seen in 3 dimensions.

Unfortunately shipping costs are high due to the weight, in addition, I have reinforced the box with wood to ensure the fish arrives safely.