• Hoplolichas furcifer (Schmidt 1885)- Russia - Ordovician


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    Hoplolichas furcifer from the Asery Level, Vilpovitsy Quarry, Near St. Petersberg, Russia.

    Dates to the Middle Ordovician Period - In the region of 465 million years old.

    Beautifully preserved fossil trilobite from this location, these delicate specimens take many hours of preparation in order to free them from the matrix. This trilobite is a good size at 4.5 cm in length on a matrix 10 cm x 10 cm. The hard calcite exoskeleton shows up nicely against the lighter limestone matrix. The spines likely acted as a defence against predators, the hypostome is also visible.

    Please note that the spines are fragile and care should be taken when handling the fossil.