• Eubiodectes? Eurypholis boissieri (Viper Fish) & Ctenothrissa - Haqil, Lebanon - Cretaceous Period


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    Bargain piece, three fish on one slab!

    Eubiodectes? Eurypholis boissieri (Viper Fish) & Ctenothrissa, the Eurypholis is on the reverse side of the matrix. This fossil originates from Haqil, Byblos, Lebanon and dates to the Cretaceous Period. Two repairs to the matrix, but no highlighting or restoration, the fossils are 100% natural.

    Nice quality with good bone structure / scales / fins.

    Fish Length: 8 cm (Eubiodectes? if outstretched) / 8.2 cm (Ctenothrissa) / 5.0 cm (Euripholis)

    Matrix: 22.3 cm x 14.3 cm