• Discosauriscus pulcherrimus - (17.5 cm) - Permian - Czech Republic


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    Superb preservation on the skeleton, every bone is in place.

    The fossil was found in Boskovice Furrow Bakov, Czech Republic and dates to the early Permian.

    The fossil is approximately 17.5 cm and the matrix is 23 x 15.5 x 2.5 cm.

    The matrix has broken in two during extraction & has been repaired.

    Discosauriscus was a small reptiliomorph belonging to the order Seymouriamorpha, and is the type genus of the family Discosauriscidae. These Discosauricus are all found at one particular mass mortality level. Fossilization is by rapid death and burial under anerobic conditions – low to no oxygen hence no predation and slow decay. This results in very high levels of fossil preservation.