• Basilosaurid Jaw (29 cm) - Eocene - El Argoub, Morocco

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    Basilosaurid jaw containing 4 teeth (1 complete tooth with root) from El Argoub, Western Sahara, Morocco.

    This species of cetacean (early whale) dates to the late Eocene Period.

    These fossils are usually are found in a broken state due to the compacted layer of sand where these teeth are located, as is the case with this jaw. As with nearly all Basilosaurid jaws, it is likely a COMPOSITE fossil and has had a little restoration. It has also been stabilized (repaired) and treated with a preservative. This is a superb quality fossil showing a good sized chunk of jaw from a rare / large marine predator.

    Length: 29 cm

    Weight: 2.77 kg

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